At Brookfield we follow the new National Curriculum, planning lessons to engage, excite and inspire awe and wonder in our children. Our aim when teaching science is to develop and maintain children’s curiosity. We provide children with the opportunity to study and learn about the world around them using vital skills and rational logic. We encourage our children to observe, investigate, question and predict for themselves through science-based and cross-curricular activities to enable them to develop a secure and practical understanding on which to base future scientific learning.
Within each academic year, children will study a range of scientific topics as well as build on skills to help develop scientific enquiry. Alongside science lessons we also plan lots of extra-curricular science opportunities throughout the year such as school trips, after-school science club and a science day at school.

Year group Science topics covered at Brookfield*

1 Animals Including Humans, Everyday Materials, Seasonal Changes & Plants

2 Animals Including Humans, Uses of Everyday Materials, Living Things and Their Habitats and Plants

3 Rocks, Animals Including Humans, Forces and Magnets, Plants and Light

4 Animals Including Humans, Living Things and Their Habitats, States of Matter, Sound and Electricity

5 Living Things and Their Habitats, Forces, Properties and Changes of Materials and Animals Including Humans

6 Animals Including Humans, Living Things and Their Habitats, Light, Electricity and Evolution and Inheritance

*taken from The National Curriculum (2014).
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