At Brookfield we recognise that the teaching of Oracy is essential in the development and achievement of our children across the curriculum. By teaching, modelling and promoting oracy, we aim to develop confident well-spoken citizens who realise their full potential academically and emotionally.  There is considerable research suggesting that the benefits of oracy skills promote academic achievements and employability as well as enhancing social, emotional and interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, self-awareness, resilience and empathy.  We base our Oracy teaching on the National Curriculum.

Oracy and vocabulary are taught across the curriculum. As of September 2022, teachers explicitly teach vocabulary using RUN (Read it, Understand it, Now use it) and RESCUE (Read it, Explore it, Spell it, Check it, Understand it, Explain It.) These lessons occur weekly and are part of reading, writing, history, geography and science lessons using Tier 2 and 3 words.  Teachers set high expectations and model the correct use of oracy for our children. Children are encouraged to speak with confidence, fluency and clarity while recognising the importance of listening by collaborating with others.  Each class agrees Rules for Talk at the start of each term to ensure every child feels supported and valued by their peers.  


Discussions are embedded throughout every lesson, giving all children the confidence to express their ideas as well as reflecting and commenting upon other people’s opinions . Oracy activities are planned across the curriculum for example: drama activities, hot seating, presentations, performing in class assemblies and debates.  Technology is used to aid less confident children eg Flipgrid.  In class, children have talk partners and present ideas collaboratively in groups.  


The impact of teaching oracy to our children:

  • Increases pupil confidence in all areas of the curriculum

  • Improves academic outcomes

  • Fosters wellbeing

  • Gives the essential skills for children to thrive in life beyond school.

  • Promotes social equity


Oracy Progression Map