Geographical topics at Brookfield range from learning about local, national and international issues to learning about mapping skills, environmental change and sustainable development. 

Developing the children's geography skills and knowledge allows them to interact more effectively with their local and wider communities. They are provided with opportunities to research, compare and contrast their surroundings with other places. Local Field trips to Cheam, Sutton and further afield.

Children are encouraged to have complete awareness of an area. Local studies begin in the Early Years with a study of the school grounds. In Year 2 children compare our local area with the village of Shere. As the children get older they undertake field trips to Cheam and Sutton to investigate how and why the local area has changed. Through topics, children study different countries, such as India and Japan where they compare and contrast physical and human features and learn about different cultures around the world. 

An international week is also run each year. During this week each class focuses on a different country and have the opportunity to learn lots of new things, try new foods and practise different dances and songs. We link the countries chosen this week to the different ethnicities found at Brookfield.