At Brookfield Primary Academy, we believe that music making is a powerful and personal experience that can aid pupils’ development in so many ways; academically, physically, socially and emotionally. Our aim is to provide every pupil with a high quality music education which engages, inspires and nurtures a love of music and so in turn, increases self confidence, creativity and achievement.

We are committed to providing the pupils with a wide variety of learning activities that include performing, composing, listening and appraising a wide variety of music from different genres, eras and cultures. Our pupils have the  opportunity to play at least one instrument whilst they are at Brookfield and will be able to develop an understanding  and use different forms of music notation. We offer extensive range of enrichment activities which includes: trips, visitors, choir, rock band, performing in high quality musical events and productions and playing in our orchestra. See further examples below. 

  • Termly instrument performances and annual performances

  • Choir clubs in KS2 and KS1

  • Peripatetic lessons from Year 2 and above

  • Singing performances in all year groups 

  • Children to be taught by specialist teachers in Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

  • Big Sing music festival in Year 2  and the KS2 Choir/Year 5

  • Christmas performances in Nursery, Reception and Year 2 

  • Carol service for Year 3/4 and 5/ 6

  • Music workshops in Year 6 

LEO Academy Trust and Borough Performances  

We deliver our Music Curriculum through the 'Sing Up' scheme of work and in collaboration with Sutton Music Service.

National Curriculum for Music

Brookfield Music Devlopment Plan

Brookfield Music Overview

Brookfield Music Core Progression Overview

Sing Up Music Progression Overview