At Brookfield Primary Academy, we view History as a great deal more than learning facts and dates but encourage pupils to become detectives who explore the past in an exciting way. History is taught through a topic based approach and gives pupils a chance to explore a wide range of sources from which the past may come alive.

History allows our children to compare and contrast, to examine how and why things have changed, to learn about historical characters and expand their research skills. We teach children to be open minded and enquiring thinkers.  We want them to understand how people have lived in the past and compare this to modern life. We encourage first hand experiences through handling real artefacts and wherever possible arranging school trips to relevant sites of historical interest in the region or bringing in specialists for in-school workshops.


Early Years

We teach children a sense of chronology, starting in the Early Years where children find out about the recent past by asking questions to members of their family such as grandparents, as well as exploring key vocabulary related to the past.


Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 children begin to look at history by looking at their own lives and making comparisons between themselves their parents and the grandparents. The children develop an awareness of the past, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time. They learn about lives of significant individuals in the past by researching key figures in history such as The Queen, Florence Nightingale, Christopher Columbus and Mary Seacole. They also learn about significant events that have happened in the past ranging from the Great Fire of London to the Moon Landing. At the end of Key Stage 1 the children will begin to develop the skills that will enable them to present information that they have found independently and share this with others.


Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 begins to take a deeper look at the world from earliest civilisation till the present day! Children will be developing their knowledge of key times and events since time began as well as improving on extending the skills needed to deepen historical enquiry. They study changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. They learn about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, as well as the effects of Anglo-Saxon settlements and Viking raids and invasions. Children love to find out about the great ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece as well as Benin (AD 900). Through each topic they expand their knowledge and understanding of chronology, key historical facts, events and periods, as well as developing a growing appreciation for how past events influence our lives today. Children in Key Stage Two continue to extend their knowledge of our local area and how it has changed throughout different periods of history.