Additional Teaching and Support Staff

Curriculum Support

Name Role
Mr L Hendra Sports Coach
Mrs N Dolling Director of Maths
Mr C Perrott Director of English
Ms C Shirley Director of Computing and Digital Skills 
Mrs J Greene Director of Music
Mrs E Dallimore

Associate Principal Inclusion and Safeguarding 

Director of Early Years 

Ms N Joseph  Forest School Leader
Mr M Warner Trust Sports Development Officer

Teaching Assistants

Name Role
Mrs S Akter Teaching Assistant
Miss E Baines Teaching Assistant - ELSA
Miss S Balogun Teaching Assistant
Miss M Braddock Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bradley Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Copeman Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Dalli Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs J Daniell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P England Teaching Assistant - ELSA
Miss S Feist Teaching Assistant 
Mrs N Gambriel Teaching Assistant / Midday SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Green Teaching Assistant
Ms D Harriott Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Hayward Teaching Assistant 
Mrs G Hellewell Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Jeyaram Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs G Lennard Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Maxwell Teaching Assistant
Miss A McIntyre Learning Support Apprentice
Miss S Norton Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Pareek Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Phipps Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Stevenson Teaching Assistant 
Mrs S Taylor Teaching Assistant 
Ms C Tiranno Learning Support Assistant 
Mrs E Whittle Learning Support Assistant 

Catering Staff & Midday Supervisors

Name Role
Mrs N Ertansel Catering Manager
Mrs J English Catering Assistant
Miss S Short Catering Assistant
Mrs C Visuvasan Catering Assistant
Mrs M Stevenson Lead Midday Supervisor
Mrs R Ansell Midday Supervisor
Miss M Braddock Midday Supervisor
Mrs L Dalli Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Daniell Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Green Midday Supervisor
Ms V Apraku-Griffiths Midday Supervisor
Ms D Harriott Midday Supervisor
Mrs K Jenkins Midday Supervisor
Mrs T Jeyaram Midday Supervisor
Mrs G Lennard Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Taylor Midday Supervisor
Ms C Tiranno Midday Supervisor
Mrs E Whittle Midday Supervisor
Mrs S Umaganeshan Midday Supervisor

Extended Schools Staff

Name Role
Miss S Feist Extended Schools Manager 
Mrs K Jenkins Extended Schools Playworker
Miss S Norton Extended Schools Playworker