Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent Statement

At Brookfield Primary Academy, the curriculum is designed to: recognise children’s prior learning; provide first-hand learning experiences; allow the children to develop interpersonal skills; build resilient Growth Mindset beliefs and become long life learners and creative, critical thinkers.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual with their own unique learning journey. We celebrate and welcome the many differences within our school community. We constantly provide enhancement opportunities to engage learning and believe that school should be happy, investigative and an inspiring time in every child’s life where there are no limits to curiosity. From our belief we are able to ensure that our pupils have a real thirst for learning, which is nurtured and embedded by the time they leave our school at the end of Year 6.

At Brookfield Primary Academy, our community involvement is an essential part of our curriculum as we celebrate local events; support our local Elderly care homes, contribute annually to the harvest food banks and local traditions, such as The Easter Story at our local church (North Cheam Baptist Church). By taking an active role within their community, it enables the children to learn new skills and show how they can make a positive difference. We also support a vast number of charities and host fundraising events, such as: Comic relief and Children in Need.

Children leave our school with a sense of belonging to a tightly knit community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become lifelong learners.

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