Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers 

From recent parent feedback regarding how Brookfield can provide information to you as parents, allowing you to further support your children at home and linked to the current learning that is taking place in class, we have set up year group Knowledge Organisers.

Knowledge Organisers are essentially an A4 sheet that outlines all of the key knowledge and information that your child will be learning about in Science and Topic (history/geography) each half term. This could include famous people, key facts, key vocabulary and key dates and timelines.

The aim is to regularly, over the course of the term, use these Knowledge Organisers to rote learn and memorise key knowledge, which will give your child a better understanding of their current learning, or prepare them for what is to come (through pre-teaching using these Knowledge Organisers). These will be readily available in the classrooms for the children to refer to, be used by our support staff to pre-teach or recap key learning if your child needs a bit of a boost to catch up/keep up, and will become an essential part of Science and Topic teaching.

In order for you to be able to support your child at home, these Knowledge Organisers will be available on our school website for you to access, so that you can familiarise yourself with and use how you wish to support their learning, in line with what’s being taught in school. 

Thank you for helping us to make sure your children achieve as well as they can; together we can create a platform to help them learn new knowledge and skills, to achieve well!


We are currently updating our Knowledge Organisers and will be adding them to our website shortly. For any queries please contact the school office.